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Do you get excited when the products, offerings, communications, and experiences you receive are very personalized? Do you have that curiosity to know what works better for the customers and how we can turn them into loyal customers and raving ambassadors? Do you have the superpower to collaborate with various units for daily cross-functional work? Then this may be the perfect opportunity for you!

We want to ensure that we deliver personalized and orchestrated customer experiences and are looking for a Personalization Manager to join our team! In this role, we need an analytical person who understands marketing technology and can work well with various units in charge of physical and digital interaction channels. Experience with customer data platforms and personalization and recommendation tools will help get you everything you need in this role. Confidence and an ability to communicate your findings to a varied audience including upper management is a key to success. 

If you have strong acumen and command of data from collection to analytics to activation, and great presentation skills, then we are talking as soon as possible!

What you will be doing: 

As the Personalization Manager, your main responsibility is to manage the development and implementation of personalized experiences across the channels of the customer journey. This requires elevating the organization to hyper-personalization and 1:1 communication through the proper utilization of data, insights, analytics, technology, and business strategy.

You will manage the end-to-end execution of personalization projects and be the main person to coordinate various cross-functional units involved in the development of experiences like IT, commercial sales and marketing, business operations, products, and even finance for accurate reporting of incremental. The core task is similar to a triangulation amongst MarTech from IT, delivery teams from the business, and data and insights teams, from planning to production, and optimization.

You will ensure that the organization uses insights and data to drive use cases in a consistent and orchestrated model and use the same for monitoring and optimization. You will also ensure that there is a scalable and repeatable process within the delivery teams to create the desired personalized and orchestrated experiences across multiple channels. 

You will act as a key business counterpart of the MarTech team in Hotel Services who have a good know-how of the latest in the martech field and best practices, while also representing the consolidated and prioritized needs of the business coming from various units. Through your efforts, the organization will also achieve a harmonized way of segmenting our customers using internal and external data and data modeling tools available to us. The same segmentation approaches will then be used in delivering personalized targeting and content across the customer journey in all channels.

Besides personalization, you will be the champion for experimentation across all channels that will support measure incremental and drive optimization works. Once the delivery teams have been placed at scale, this role will then be the main responsible for the Personalization and Experimentation community of practice and will be the community leader to ensure personalization efforts are not just at scale using an optimal process and learned best practices, but are continuously optimized and are producing incremental value.

How your main tasks will look like:

  • Oversee and manage the end-to-end coordination, execution, and group monitoring of personalization projects and initiatives.
  • Ensure that use cases are consistent and orchestrated in relevant channels.
  • Optimize and coordinate cross-channel works.
  • Champion experimentation best practices and attribute and report incrementality correctly.
  • Maintain incremental value production through personalization works supported by experimentation to optimize.
  • Use data and insights to influence the personalization and experimentation backlog.
  • Manage the unified backlog for personalization and experimentation for the cross-functional team and later the community of practice.
  • Ensure coordination with MarTech and business delivery teams to support both IT and Business objectives.
  • Develop and implement scalable and repeatable processes with IT and Business for personalization works.
  • Support MarTech in architecture, design, data models, and solution discussions while wearing the hat and representing the consolidated business objectives.
  • Ensure best practices are followed in personalization, and relevant components like data/analytics/tech/security while working with IT and the business.
  • Be part of strategic discussions around direction and integration of marketing technology solutions, to ensure decisions meet business requirements.
  • Similarly, be part of strategic discussions around orchestration and optimization of personalization works from the business side to ensure that it makes sense for the customers and it is going to deliver incremental value.

Who we think you are: 

  • In-depth knowledge of personalization execution and delivery across multiple channels of the customer journey
  • Ability to wear the hat of the customers and prioritize it while delivering business objectives incrementally
  • Relevant know-how in data and analytics, sales, marketing loyalty, CRM, and MarTech
  • Strong ability to coordinate various cross-functional units and harmonize/prioritize them for the customers’ needs
  • Analytics acumen from diagnostic to predictive analytics
  • Understanding of machine learning models to promote insight-driven personalization experiences
  • Experience and pedagogical mindset of how to help an organization gradually become more data-driven by supporting stakeholders with reports, guidance, presentation of insights, and methodology.
  • Strong integrity - as responsible for deriving insights and ensuring the organization can learn and increase efficiency continuously, the person needs to be comfortable acting as the devil’s advocate; not always say what the organization would like to hear, but what they need to hear.
  • Experience in the travel & hotel industry is an advantage but not a prerequisite.

What we can offer you:

  • The opportunity to deliver personalized experiences to our customers in various channels.
  • The ability to shape and mold your role while working with others and driving customer and channel business and long-term value. 
  • An organization that goes the extra mile, and cares about both people and the planet.
  • Exceptional colleagues and an inclusive, experimentation-based, and innovative culture - we love to share and learn from each other and test ideas if they work.
  • A flat organization with trust and autonomy in your work - we are rebels that support innovation without imposing strict corporate rules.
  • Brand new office integrated with one of our newly opened hotels right next to Mall of Scandinavia in Solna.
  • Plenty of social events including smaller gatherings with your team and huge get-togethers with the whole Strawberry family.
  • Great benefits! In addition to our collective agreement, we also offer staff discounts and friends & family rates at our 200+ hotels.

Sounds interesting? 

If, after reading this job description, you thought, "Wow, they just described me,", then we would love to get to know you too! We are now on summer vacation so Interviews will be held from the middle of August, but don’t wait to submit your application!

During 2016 we established eBerry within Strawberry. Our main mission is to transform the digital landscape for how our guests book, travel and interact with us. Our ambition is high, we want to create the world's best digital guest journey, offering our guests the ability to have a seamless and hassle free travel experience and a world class loyalty community.

What’s in it for you?

As part of of Strawberry, you will get the best employee benefits of the industry.

A culture to cherish

A culture to cherish

Our people always make guests their top priority! Our warm and welcoming atmosphere creates the right setting for you to flourish and work your magic. You will get the freedom you need to perform your tasks and solve problems as they arise in the best way you see fit. A strong team spirit and family-feeling foster a culture of collaboration. And when there’s something to celebrate, we make sure to have some fun! In larger cities, we also regularly host after-work events to allow colleagues to mingle. How do we achieve all this you may wonder? We believe it’s down to the fact that we’re a diverse crowd full of energy, courage and enthusiasm. That’s how we create extraordinary experiences every single day!

A culture to cherish

Job security for peace of mind

Job security for peace of mind

When you work with us, we’ll take your whole life situation into consideration. We offer good job security through collective agreements and insurances, as well as paid parental leave, holiday leave, wellness allowance, attractive pension plans and competitive salaries. We’re there for you.

Job security for peace of mind

Room to grow

Room to grow

With more than 200 hotels across the Nordics, we offer you endless opportunities for career progression! Would you like to work full-time, part-time, a few hours here and there, or perhaps only a season? We have room for you, no matter where you’re at. We encourage creativity and curiosity, and we make every effort to foster a culture of learning for professional development. Ready to take your next career leap within the company? We applaud you and will help you achieve this! An academic degree isn't the most important thing for us. If you have the right mindset, we can certainly promise you a bright future!

Room to grow

Explore more

Explore more

We encourage you to get out and explore all that life has to offer! So, we always give numerous discounts to you and your friends and family at our hotels, bars and restaurants. As part of Strawberry, you get four FREE nights at our hotels each year* To remind you just how important you are, we’ll always do our best to offer you an upgrade! And on top of that, we’ve also partnered with other companies to give you sweet deals on air travel, charter holidays, car rental and lots more. 

*If you are employed on a contract for at least 20% of full-time working hours.

Explore more

Open mind, open hearts

Open mind, open hearts

Our heart beats for the world around us. To meet global challenges, we support the transition to clean energy, and we recently opened the first zero-energy hotel in the Nordics. We seek to use organic produce and have championed the elimination of unsustainable palm oil. We promote equal rights above all and are proud sponsors of Pride. Regardless of your ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, disabilities or age - our doors are always open.

Open mind, open hearts


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